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The 13 Year Old Palestinian Whom You Saw All Bent and Bloody

January 4th, 2016

Interview with Suzanne Awartani about the case of the boy, Ahmad Manasrah , who was shown in a video all bent and bloodied while being cursed by an Israeli.  Israeli media claim he and his cousin had stabbed Israelis.  Awartani is spokesperson of the Global Campaign for Freedom for Ahmad Manasrah.  She was interviewed on Jan. 4, 2016 by Stanley Heller.

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ISIS May Leave Yarmouk, but Siege will Not End

December 30th, 2015

Interview 12/30/2015 with Nidal Bitari who is in Washington DC.  We talk about the reports of an evacuation of some fighters and families from the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, Syria, the halt in the evacuation and what will happen if ISIS leaves. Shocking story of a community that was once 800,000 Palestinians and Syrians. All of Yarmouk is about 2 square kilometers in area about 2/3 the size of Manhattan's Central Park.

It has been under siege by Assad forces now for years. Bitari works at People Demand Change Interviewer: Stanley Heller

Seeing Apartheid Up Close

November 19th, 2015

Interview with Michaela Anang who is working with CODE PINK. She's also a student at Northeastern.  She recently returned from a trip to Palestine/Israel.  Interviewed by Stanley Heller


Man Chains Himself to Spectra Equipment to Stop Methane Pipeline Work

November 16th, 2015

Interview with Renee Hamel of Capitalism Vs. Climate.  We talk about Bernardo McLaughlin who obstructed the start of work at Spectra Energy, locking himself to equipment at a compressor station in Chaplin, CT.  He opposes the controversial methane pipeline project that is supported by many New England governors.  We also talk about a prior protest where Spectra is demanding $30,000 is alleged "damages".  Interviewer Stanley Heller


Does Netanyahu REALLY Want to Talk about the ’30’s and 40’s?

October 26th, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's claim that a Palestinian Mufti gave Hitler the idea for the Holocaust has been widely mocked, but it brings up a very important question.    Yes, Haj Amin al-Husseini was a despicable Nazi collaborator, but what exactly were the Zionists doing in the '30's and '40's once Hitler had taken over Germany?  We talk this over in an interview with Lenni Brenner, author of "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators".  Brenner refutes Netanyahu's claim, going back to the mid-1920's to show Hitler's murderous intentions.  Brenner talks about al-Husseini collaboration and then we discuss what the Zionists were up to in the 1930's.

Far from leading the anti-Nazi fight, the Zionists in the '30's were seeing if they could benefit their Jewish-state project by working with Mussolini and Hitler!  We talk about the hero of the Netanyahu family, Ze'ev Jabotinsky and his relations with Mussolini.  We explore the proposal of the Stern-Shamir group for a military alliance with Hitler and the deal that was actually concluded by the mainstream Zionists with the German government to sell German goods (and break the anti-Nazi boycott) as a way getting some money out of Germany and into the hand of German refugees and the Zionists in Palestine.  Interviewer Stanley Heller 10/26/205, about 45 minutes

“Where is the Legal Rights of Mother Earth?”

October 22nd, 2015

Interview with Tom B.K. Goldtooth, Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network.  He's being given the Gandhi Peace Award in New Haven on Oct. 30, 2015 in New Haven, CT.  We talk about efforts of indigenous people to get their rights respected in the critical Paris climate that will be made this December. We go into his efforts at Copenhagen and Cancun, some of which resulted in the authorities excluding him from meeting hall.

He tells about the group he heads and how it came to be.  We go a bit into his personal background from "res kid" to international figure.  
Tom explains his rejection of the concept of human "dominion" on the earth and his spiritual/philosophical ideas about Mother Earth and the natural world.
More about Tom Goldtooth at

Mob and Army Attacks Against Palestinians

October 14th, 2015

An American woman in Jordan talks about the settler/army violence against Palestinians and the popular resistance in Palestine and in Jordan.


In Just Weeks Jordan Appeal Court will Rule on Amer Jubran 10 Year Sentence

October 8th, 2015

Palestinian-Jordanian activist Amer Jubran was sentenced to 10 years at hard labor based on a law that wasn't even on the books until after he was arrested and confessions that he said he signed after torture.  An appeal has been lodged and it may be decided up on the next couple of weeks. Interview with Marta Rodriques a member of his defense committee, who knew Amer when he did Palestine work in the northeast U.S. Stanley Heller is the interviewer.

You can hear Amer Jubran speaking on an audio of a phone call from prison from Aug. 2, 2015 speaking about his conviction. Click here
The defense committee is here on Facebook
and at this site
Here's a link to a page on "The Struggle" website with email addresses for officials in Jordan that should be contacted.  Finally TV program #608 of "The Struggle" features video of a protest for Amer in London.

Remi Kanazi, “Before the Next Bomb Falls”

October 5th, 2015

Interview with Remi Kanazi who is on a huge book tour with his new collection of poems "Before the Next Bomb Falls".  We talk about the book, the latest outrages in Palestine, his trip to Ferguson a year ago and his latest tweets.  To see his tour dates go to


The War Crime of Bombing the Doctors Without Borders Hospital

October 5th, 2015

Interview with Kathy Kelly who is back from Afghanistan a few weeks before the U.S. attack on the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kanduz.  Kelly has been to that country frequently on behalf of Voices for Creative Non-Violence ( ).  We talk of the projects VCNV has there, the overall situation in that country and conclude with an Kelly's proposed alternate strategy for what the U.S. could do in Afghanistan

On Fri. Oct. 30 Kelly will receive the Gandhi Peace Award from Promoting Enduring Peace at the United Church of Christ on the New Haven Green.  Details at